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September 24, 2004

In an actual conversation the other day, a friend remarked that recently, while driving around the square, he or she was seized by a moment of temptation that almost persuaded him or her to make an illegal U-turn in the middle of the block. What caused the driver to abstain? "I was afraid my name would wind up in the Northwest Corner," I was told.

After all these years of haranguing, arguing and complaining in this column about illegal driving habits, I finally had touched at least one person's nerve sufficiently to claim it as a victory. What's more, no offender's name has ever appeared and none will ever appear in this column.

Balancing that, however, is the sobering knowledge that the practice of illegal turning goes on unabated, despite my railing and threats by peace officers to do something drastic if the lawbreaking continues. It probably will take a major injury or a collision involving important local people's vehicles to bring this crazy thing to an end.

Or maybe it will cease when some youngster is injured while chasing a piece of candy in a Cherokee Strip celebration parade. Aside from that grim prospect, didn't we have a wonderful day for the parade and other scheduled events last Saturday? And when are we going to receive some recognition as the only town in the Cherokee Strip that has never failed to celebrate the anniversary of the opening since the first one after the original Big Event in 1893?

Congratulations to the staff of this newspaper for producing the outstanding special edition titled, "Living in Perry," on the day before this year's Cherokee Strip celebration. The color pictures and accompanying stories will provide a great reference source for years to come. A lot of hard work went into that edition, and a nice little pat on fife back for the PDJ crew would be welcome.