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September 28, 2004

A word on politicians…

This is not now and never has been a column of political commentary, but as the campaigns become untidier and downright nasty I am moved to say something. Namely, please cut down on the harsh, unfounded charges, candidates and supporters. Let's have a debate on the actual issues, not on lies, distortions and irrelevant subjects. You know, both sides are guilty in the "big" races, so that plea is aimed at all of them, including those who profess loyalty to no particular party. The mud is about to cover all of us, so please tone down the verbiage and invective and let's hear more about program proposals. Then, if someone finally gets elected, let's try to fulfill those pledges.

So many pundits and broadcasters are lining up unashamedly behind one candidate or another. Don't you wish that at least some of those now riding the coattails of their chosen candidates would go down in flames if their favorites lose at the polls. It would be refreshing to have the airways and media cleansed of some of those jerks, along with their anointed candidates. Except, please leave undisturbed the ones that support the candidates that I also pull for. Actually, some of those loud mouths do support the right people. Join me in a plea for the departure of at least some of the unmitigated party hacks as those who only appear every four years or so, when the major elective jobs are on the line.

Do you remember a few years ago when one Perry politician, who had no background in bureaucracy, filed for some state office in each state election? Then, when he finally got elected by a kind of fluke, he had to scramble to find a qualified friend to serve as his "deputy" in order to carry out the duties of the office. Come to think of it, that worked out pretty well, so maybe our old system is not all that bad.

Moving on now to other subjects of more general interest... Eating places come and go at an alarming rate in Perry, even as they do elsewhere. We recently have lost some tasty places for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a few where snacks were more than just tempting. Now some of those have been replaced and the selection is just about as good as it ever has been. One problem that bothers me, however, is the shortage of places where homemade waffles are offered. Those things are good any time of day, but they are not easy to find right now.