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November 2, 2004

Rotter and friends to bring back Big Band sound

If you are like me, and your eyeballs and eardrums have been sufficiently assaulted by all the political haranguing the past few months, take heart! Relief is on the way; a remedy is at hand. Bill Rotter and his Perry Serenaders (my name for them) are about ready to bring us at least a brief but welcome respite.

On Thursday night (the date is November 4), Mr. Rotter's well-drilled version of the Big Bands will take the stage at the Perry Armory for a concert that is sure to delight anyone who remembers the real thing. Mr. Rotter, the retired principal and former band director at Perry High School, was too young to catch those legendary bands of Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and countless others, but he knew about them through his mother, who loved them. He likes that sound and he has been working with a talented group of local musicians for the past few weeks to recreate and, yes, to improve on it. It has given our local young musicians goose bumps and it will do the same for you, if you dote on that great kind of music. Yes, none of these band members were around when the real Big Bands were providing listeners with those wonderful sounds from dance venues around the country. But with Mr. Rotter's guidance they have brought back the era in a faithful, accurate way. If you know anything about Mr. Rotter's preparations style for public performances, you know he has this band ready to perform. Even if you don't personally remember them, the sounds and the arrangements are sure to start your toe a-tapping.

Best part of the deal? It's free! Just come to the Armory about 7 o'clock on Thursday evening and enjoy the evening. You will go away happy, guaranteed. Two more similar concerts are planned, so there should be plenty of that great music to enjoy. I'm looking forward to Thursday night's program and hope you are, too.