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November 10, 2004

Computers, Big Bands get better with age

There was a time when I thought I would never need a computer, so I passed up several opportunities to learn how to use them. That's a familiar story, but it happens to be mine. Very soon, it became apparent that a computer was going to be an essential tool for me, so I acquired one. Even found some helpful training locally through the Meridian Technical Center.

The new stuff was obsolete before it was installed, although it was the latest thing available when purchased. Since then I've been though some serious upgrades and replacements, and still my equipment is not the best that's available. Cost is just one factor to consider. It's a fact of life that we all have to consider.

With eyesight that seems to be dimming, I had to replace my monitor (the computer screen) with something bigger and brighter, and more expensive. That has been done and it definitely is a major improvement. The point of all this is just to let you know that I'm striving to continue in this business, and to explain the most recent acquisition of mechanical assistance, so I can continue with these twice-weekly ramblings.

You have been kind enough to ask, and that's the most recent information available. The new publication schedule, by the way, is on Wednesday and Saturday, instead of Tuesday and Friday. I appreciate your good wishes.

And now briefly on to an unrelated subject. Mr. Rotter's Great Big Band concert filled the Perry Armory last week, and it gave local citizens a good taste of what dance music used to sound like. Yes, I thought it was great, and so did the crowd that turned out for this wondrous night. Dancers appeared like magic as the beat went on, and the people who played the music did a marvelous job. I cannot wait for the next concert by the Great Big Band. Thanks, Mr. Rotter, and all the musicians (and the girl vocalist) who made that a night to remember. Thanks also to the Chamber of Commerce for getting this thing organized.