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November 13, 2004

Seeking info about a message on a bottle…

Mrs. Henry Rieman, who lives north of Sumner, read with interest the item about the bottle that was recently found by H.B. Evans, the retired Billings banker. That bottle was embossed with information indicating it was made by "the Perry Glass Factory," but, alas, it was accidentally broken and thus lost forever. H.B. wondered if anyone remembers hearing about a glass factory here, because it was news to him. So far, no one has stepped forward with additional information, except for Mrs. Rieman.

"I worked in the Blackwell glass factory until it was blown away in a wind storm in 1945," Mrs. Rieman tells us. She has never heard of another glass factory in Perry or anywhere else in this area, so we are still wondering if there ever was such a place. If you can shed some light on the subject, tell us what you know about it.

It was just a coincidence, but interesting nevertheless. The weekend after Bill Rotter's Great Big Band (composed almost entirely of local folks) played that excellent concert in the Perry Armory, Doc Severinsen conducted the Oklahoma City Philharmonic orchestra in a warmly received concert of Big Band, Viennese waltzes and other classical pieces in the recently refurbished old Oklahoma City Municipal Auditorium. Doc Severinsen gained most of his fame as the band leader on Johnny Carson's TV Tonight Show, but he is widely recognized as a premier cornetist. His costumes were outlandish, of course, but the music was great. He also confided that one of his daughters, and her husband, train horses on their ranch near Purcell. That was a new bit of information to me. His OC concert was well worth the price of admission. The Philharmonic is indeed one of our state's most prized possessions and we thank them for the "Pop" series that brings in musicians and entertainers like Doc Severinsen. Can it be possible that his beautiful type of music is on the brink of a comeback?

Our Oklahoma State Cowboys may be stumbling just a bit on the gridiron lately, but that has not diminished their ability to choose a winner. At their recent Homecoming, the OSU players, students and fans chose a fair Perry lady as their "Miss OSU" for this year. She is none other than Katie Lamerton, a coed at the Stillwater school and the daughter of Dave and Kay Lamerton of Perry. Congratulations to all. That makes Katie eligible to compete in the "Miss Oklahoma" contest later this year, and the winner there will go on to the "Miss America" pageant on the boardwalk in New Jersey.