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November 27, 2004

Tales about the Glass Works

The story of "the glass bottles from a Perry manufacturing plant" seems to have captured the imagination and interest of many local folks. Enough so that they have pretty well taken over this column, with the result that some other things of general interest are now awaiting their turn. This started with a note from H.B. Evans of Billings after he found a "greenish bottle" embossed with information indicating it had been made in "the Perry glass factory." Unfortunately, H.B.'s bottle was broken before the origin could be determined. There followed an unexpected wave of interest, and we have reported some of them to you in this column. Now, more readers have added their own bits of information, and I feel obliged to pass them on. That's what today's column is about.

Here's something to indicate how I'm led to that conclusion.

Don Stoddard drops a note to remind me that his brother, Alan, now of Shawnee, has been a collector of old bottles for many years. Don is contacting him to see if Alan has anything like the greenish bottles described by H.B. We are still awaiting further word on this.

Some others: Howard Kendle relates that he once had two bottles like H.B.'s, but only one was embossed with a line that indicated it was made in "the Perry glass factory," wherever that was located. Olivia McNeil has two bottles. One of them has this line embossed on it "Perry Steam Bottling Works,"

There are other stories, but my notes are not clear, and I hesitate to pass them on to you. We expect more of these soon, and we will let you know what we find out. One of these has to do with the final cleanup on the property where the Century Park is now located on Fir Avenue. Stay tuned.