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December 15, 2004

More glass factory information

M.D. (Bud) Jirous grew up here and at one time helped run the local J.C. Penney Co. store. Then he got into the fast food business, created the Sonic chain and became a legend in his own time. Mr. and Mrs. Jirous (she is the former Barbara Milliron of Perry) now live in Oklahoma City, but they have a lovely weekend retreat east of Perry. They are still very much a part of this area.

Bud and Barbara love the history of this community (don't we all?) and today they provide additional information concerning the Perry glass factory, a business that existed here soon after the Cherokee Strip land opening on September 16, 1893. You will recall that this matter of a Perry glass factory was brought to light recently when H.B. Evans of Billings related that he once had two greenish bottles embossed with lines that indicated they were made in Perry. The outpouring of additional information along that line has been nothing short of amazing.

The envelope with Bud's message also included this preamble: "Enclosed is the outline of a soda pop bottle I have in my bottle collection. Barbara found the bottle in an antique shop in Oklahoma City about 1965. The bottle is clear in color (with) the enclosed embossed printing on it and the "#2" embossed on the bottom of the bottle. It has an extra heavy glass bottom and a few small air bubbles in the glass. It is designed for a metal cap.

"It is a little larger than the Grapette bottles that we had when we were kids. At the time Barbara found the bottle, Dad (the late Charlie Jirous) told me he remembered, as a young man, a bottle works located about 100 yards northwest of the Frisco Railroad depot and behind the Swart Service Station & Oil Co. on south 7th Street..."

Maybe one of these days we will come across additional information and perhaps even an actual photograph of the Perry glass works. There's still more to be learned about this early-day Perry factory. Thanks to Bud and Barbara for sharing this piece with us. By the way, the embossed line sent to me by Mr. and Mrs. Jirous reads: "Perry Steam Bottling Works, Perry, Okla."

Oklahoma did not become a state until 1907, so that probably helps date this piece.