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February 9, 2005

Perry events worthy of amplification

Some of the recent events in our little community seem to be worthy of amplification, and perhaps even a bit of commentary. See what you think.

Probably the topic of most general interest is the apparent conflict or misunderstanding between the Perry school board and the current superintendent, Mr. Jack Parker. I happen to know all of these people, individually, and I do not believe any of them has evil intentions. The unfortunate circumstances occurred at the time of the board's original action, in January, when board members voted not to renew his contract. That was news to Mr. Parker. No reasons for the action were given at the time.

Then, after thinking it over and hearing legal advisors, the board held a special meeting during which they convened into executive session to discuss the matter. It was a private meeting, and no action could have been taken during that meeting. Then, after reconvening in regular session, when action could be taken, the board rescinded its previous action, and Mr. Parker subsequently resigned. So now, we will be searching for a replacement. Some of us on the sideline believe the final outcome is a result of the failure of last year's bond issue, apparently the first time that has happened. Was there an overriding distaste for Mr. Parker in the community? Or was there another reason for the negative voter turnout? Whatever brought it on, some action definitely is needed to stop the water damage in classrooms and elsewhere on our school property, every time a little rain falls. If you saw the numerous buckets on the classroom floors of the high school building last week, you know what I'm saying. The structure leaks like a sieve. And that is where we send our youngsters to get an education?

Now for something on a more pleasant note -- the mixed results of wrestling matches involving the Perry Maroon team. As most of us know, the PHS team is mostly undefeated by any team in its own class, 2A. In January, the Maroons wrestled the Stillwater Pioneers, a 6A team, and won in an upset, thanks to some great individual effort and the coaching of the master, Scott Chenoweth. Then came Midwest City. The Bombers are perennial powers in 6A, and they beat our lads fair and square, right here on our home mat. I say the Maroons are tough enough to win the state 2A title again in dual matches, but you can bet there will be some complaints from some schools that Perry should compete in the upper levels. I say, "Why?" The classifications are established by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association on the basis of enrollment, and if 2A is where we belong in wrestling, that is where we should be. We can still beat some of those 6A teams, right?

Now for something even more pleasant. Friends and family of Travis Brorsen have learned that he will have a major role in an upcoming episode of the hit TV drama, "JAG," playing a 19-year-old Oklahoma boy. He should be comfortable in that role, even though he is a little on the sunny side of 19. Travis is a favorite with everyone who knows him and his parents, Verl and Diana Brorsen, and all the other Presbyterians hereabouts will be watching when the episode airs. Iíll let you know when that will be just as soon as we learn the date. But count on Travis to do an really good job, whenever it is.