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March 12, 2005

Perry Planners are good community tools

On behalf of the Perry Main Street organization, Doug Morris made an interesting presentation the other day to the local Rotary Club, explaining some of the background that led up to the forthcoming printing of the new "Perry Planner," which is expected to be ready in just a few weeks.

The Planner will contain a complete one-year calendar for the school year 2005-06. Since the local school is the major organization in town, its activities form a backdrop for everything else that happens here, and so the Planner takes that into account. All organizations in Perry are invited to include their scheduled activities in the Planner. But because all copy for the Planner is going to be given to the printer (in New Hampshire) in a matter of days, you will need to speed up the process very soon, or wait for another year to be included. Your organization's history also can be included as a "founder," for a small fee. Verbiage is limited because of the lack of space.

Similar Planners are used at most major universities, including OSU and OU, and they truly are welcomed in their community. For one thing, it pretty well nails down dates for special events, and that eliminates some last-minute changes since dates for many of the things will have been announced about a year ahead of time. The Planner should be an excellent source of information and it will be helpful to many of us who get involved in setting non-conflicted dates for various events.

Congratulations to Perry Main Street for taking on this project, and to Doug Morris for spearheading the effort. We wish Doug and the organization he represents good luck in this effort.