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April 20, 2005

Random thought on unrelated subjects

Now for a few random thoughts on unrelated subjects. Feel free to add your own as they occur.

When the 15th street remake is finally complete, I hope we will be seeing stripe lines marking the edge and the center of the street. This is liable to surprise some of us when we discover how we drive while straddling the center of the street, but that's the way Perryans choose to drive. Keep your fingers crossed until this street project becomes a reality. 15th street is perhaps in the worst condition of any major avenue in town, and that's because of the heavy use. Just be thankful you don't have to pick up or deliver students to the Middle School. Talk about traffic nightmares...

I have had a couple of calls about the recent columns on swimming holes once used to teach Perry young people how to swim. Some folks reminded me that the Supervised Play program also used Laird's Lake on the north side of town and Willis Lake on the east side. Many Perry youngsters learned how to swim in those two lakes and still others were taught at the Country Club and the CCC Lake. One lady told me her generation really preferred Laird's Lake because of the big toboggan located there. She said most of her contemporaries could not afford to use the toboggan, except at Supervised Play. Some of you may remember that Willis Lake served as our Country Club until the present Country Club, with a golf course and all its other features, was constructed. My personal memory of Supervised Play swimming only goes to the Country Club. It was a great program, wherever they took us. No telling how many lives Supervised Play may have saved since it was conceived by a group of Perry school teachers and administrators. We're grateful, and indebted, to all of them. Thanks, folks. We also hope there's a big turnout when this summer's schedule is announced.