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June 1, 2005

Returning from a wonderful vacation...

My spouse (LB) and I returned home the other day after nearly a week in Gotham, our annual theater tour in the Big City, and it was lots of fun. Hard work, too, because although the theater district is fairly compact, people our age have to move faster than usual and it's no picnic if some of us aren't physically ready. But, on the flip side, we saw some wonderful things on stage, including revivals, and all in all it was very satisfactory. Our hotel (the Edison) has been around Broadway for many years and it is close enough to some of the theaters that we can easily walk to almost any destination. Some of the revivals we saw were "On Golden Pond," with James Earl Jones and Leslie Uggams, an excellent production; and "Steel Magnolias," with Delta Burke, Marsha Mason and several other very competent female actors. They were all good, or they wouldn't be doing the Big Apple circuit. If you are considering a trip up there, you already know that ticket prices and everything else are very high, so, go prepared. Walk when you can, eat sandwiches, and have fun. We certainly did.

We returned just in time for the Memorial Day service at Grace Hill Cemetery, and I'm glad we did not miss that. Our people always seem to say and to do just the right things, and Memorial Day is thereby made very meaningful. Thanks to Frank Lawson, Ken Schuermann, Richard McVay, Jesse Phillips, Richard Dugger, Rhonda Dugger, Bill Rotter, the Boy Scouts, the Legion auxiliary, the Otoe War Mothers and everyone else who had a hand in that moment of remembrance. It was well done!

Here's a note from Don Stoddard: "...(During the polio scare a few years ago), some guy drove a Model A Ford, or was it a Model T, out on the ice one winter at West Park Lake and sank it to the bottom! Do you know who that guy was?" If you do, get in touch with Don. He's trying to remember. I do know that Robin Johnston and I each owned a half interest in a Model T about that same time period, and Robin was at the controls when it slipped under the ice. He escaped unhurt, and the remains of our car were found later when the lake was drained because of the polio thing. If you know the answer to Don's query, call him.