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June 4, 2005

Hope you had a chance to study the list of events being brought here for the Chautauqua series in the courthouse park. Pick out the ones that most interest you and write them on your calendar. You will be very happy when it's all a thing of the past. We are truly fortunate to have this event in our midst. The Chautauqua series were major entertainment and educational events years ago, before the arrival of TV, radio, movies and other media that brought our forefathers instant gratification in the arts. I can remember my mother and others of her generation telling marvelous stories about the benefits of the old Chautauqua series that used to visit this little town every summer. Now, thanks to some hard work by a handful of people and at the suggestion of Charlotte Ann Ream Cooper, a resident of Oklahoma City, we have the equivalent of a semester of fulfilling information. It's hard to believe we have not had a Chautauqua series here in so many years, but that's true. Let's take advantage of all this program has to offer and be there for the major events. You will be talking about it in glowing terms, I guarantee.

"Mistletoe Leaves," the official monthly newsletter of the Oklahoma Historical Society, has a regular feature dealing with events of special interest to folks who are interested in Oklahoma history. I have just received the most recent edition, and it includes a listing of the Rose Hill School program at Cherokee Strip Museum. I'll share that with you this month and in the future as long as they continue with that feature. Wouldn't hurt to drop by the school and tell the students and their adult sponsors that we are happy to have them as visitors. Here's the "Mistletoe Leaves" listing:


August 11 -- Route 66 photography contest. Route 66 Museum, Clinton
August 13 -- The Greatest Wolf Hunter That Ever Lived; The Story of "Catch 'Em Alive. Jack Abernathy," Book Review and Signing with Ronald J. Ward, Chisholm Trail Museum, Kingfisher.
August 23 -- Tatting Workshop With Ju di Banashek, Chisholm Trail Museum, Kingfisher.
August 31 -- Fairfax students attend 1910 Living history program, "A Day At Rose Hill School." Visitors welcome to observe. Cherokee Strip Museum, Perry.