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June 18, 2005

On a recent pleasant evening, we took a little drive to see how things look in the CCC Park. This neat little place, laid out on a hill on the south side of Perry, is one of our little known treasures, something we should be promoting and capitalizing on. Instead, it is not used to the fullest extent by a long shot.

The administration of Mayor Estell Emde has seen to it that the park's road system has been repaired and brought up to the highest standards in years. The roads are great. The evening we were out there, several people were having a picnic where the main boat dock is located. That's where the Civilian Conservation Corps, which built the park in the Depression Era of the 1930s, intended such things would be located.

Across the lake, which is full and tranquil looking because it is now part of the city's water system, are what looks like stalls and a broad, paved area. The old wooden "Church on a Perch," formerly the Fellowship Hall of the Episcopal Church, has been painted and appears to be nearly ready for use, but there's no signage to indicate that is true. Our citizens need to know about such things. Weddings, showers and other events could be held there.

Something else occurred to us after a recent trip to Pawnee's municipal park. It appears to me that a pretty good golf course could be laid out in our CCC Park and that would relieve some of the scheduling at the Country Club, where only nine holes are available. That's the only place local golfers can now play, without going out of town. Wouldn't another course make money for the city? Anyway, there are possibilities for developing our CCC Park into something more than it has ever been, but it will take someone with drive and ambition to make that a reality. We have the start of something really good, if we can just turn the dreams into reality.

The CCC Park is an untapped treasure. We need to make something good out of it and bring more visitors to Perry. The basics are there, just waiting to be developed and tapped into. What do you think?