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August 17, 2005

Congratulations and expressions of thanks to the ladies, gentlemen and young people of the Church of Christ who have volunteered their services to continue the restoration and makeover of the old Episcopal Church building, the "Church on a Perch"' now recumbent at a choice location overlooking CCC Lake, southeast of Perry.

Something of the sort has been badly needed since the old frame building was moved from a midway location on Seventh street to the scenic old park. If all goes according to plans, the old church will become the site of weddings, showers and other types of celebrations. It will be an interesting addition to the park, and a place where folks can worship, mediate or just think things over once the restoration is complete. We've been needing this kind of help to get the job done.

The GriefShare ministry now taking form here is another good project for Perry area residents with special needs. Thanks to Richard Dugger and Kent Richie for their leadership and participation in this effort. We never know when we may be needing it ourselves. Stand by: Your help also may be needed in some phase, and you may need the program sooner than you know.

The Perry High School Alumni Association's "Honor Roll" program is fast taking form. Watch for more details in this newspaper. Twelve local persons will be saluted for their outstanding achievements at a public dinner. That event will start at 6 p.m. Thursday, September 15, in the Fellowship Hall of the First Christian church. Each recipient will be introduced by a "presenter," and their records will be summarized. Eight of them are living, and four are being presented posthumously. Watch this newspaper for more details. This is a good program. It highlights some of our outstanding people, and there are many more to come.