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August 31, 2005

It's happening again. Every year about this time, sports pages all over the country take on a new shine, a snappier tone and look because football season is bearing down on us. Soon the pages will be literally filled with yarns, speculation and warm feature stories about the young men at local high schools, universities that are important to us, and the professional league towns that support warriors in various levels of the game.

Next thing you know, we're hooked. We will just have to subscribe to learn the latest thoughts thrust forward by writers for the wire services, sports magazines, athletic-minded schools, and whoever else tries to lure us with outlandish or overly dismal speculation about the new season. And we will read what they have to say, whether or not they are accompanied by color and black and white picture. The pronouncements will have the weight of gospel messages. There's nothing quite like it.

It's just that, can you believe OU will have three losses in a single season? How long can Mack Brown hang on at UT? We were joined on a tour bus lately by a group of jolly Texans, who had spent that August day basking in unbelievable heat because the AC in their tour bus had failed. They were promised "a new coach" for the next day's trip, and I of course thought they meant a new head man for the football program. Most of them cheered the news, leading me to think they were firing Coach Brown. They really meant a new bus to ride in, with AC and everything.

But I don't normally read that kind of stuff, so how am I to know? I first read the sports pages and try not to blink. Unless the headline says something about OU, OSU and PHS.