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September 10, 2005

Random thoughts, gathered while impatiently waiting for things to get better.

Surely something can be done about those interminable delays at the freight train crossings in Perry. It's not uncommon to spend around 15 minutes while waiting for slow-moving trains to clear the crossing, enabling other traffic to clear the way for normal folks. Remember when Santa Fe and Frisco passenger trains came through here, and we used to joke that Stillwater families brought their kids here just to show them what a passenger train looked like?

We thought that was funny, and it was, but now that only traffic is freight, the humor escapes us. Somebody help us and show us how to straighten out this mess. Maybe there's a solution that does not include expensive overpasses or underpasses. And those long train whistles. They waken us shrilly almost every night. Is that necessary?

The late Clarence Paden's daughter, Wileeta Treadway, brought me some of her dad's newspaper scrapbooks the other day and I am having a I ball looking at them. Clarence had a degree in journalism, you know, when he was our Chamber of Commerce Manager more than 50 years ago. He was a good guy, very sensitive to the role in history played by hometown newspapers like the Ponca City News, Perry Daily Journal, and others. Many of the things he saved tell an interesting story about the history of World War II and beyond. Some of it may wind up in the Cherokee Strip Museum here.

Prediction: The Perry Airport Show is starting small, but it has the potential of becoming a major event. After just a few years, it is already capturing big-time attention and better things may be in store.

If you missed this year's show, take in the event next year. It may open your eyes to some interesting facts about out little town. The affable Jim Garner of Channel Four in Oklahoma City thinks so.