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September 28, 2005

Lots of former Perry residents came "home" again for the big Cherokee Strip celebration the week of September 16. That happens every year so we're not talking about a new development here, but it's nice to see so many familiar faces at that event, even if it also reminds us that some very good folks have left our premises for one reason or another.

Among the "regular returnees" this year were Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Davis. In case you've forgotten, she is the former Patsy Miller, and she is a very classy lady. She expressed admiration for this column and added that she and Carroll have moved to Albuquerque from Perry after a trial run here. But she also advised me that her sister-in-law, Glenna McGill Davis, is not in good health in Albuquerque. Glenna also was a little surprised when her dad's name, Carl McGill, was omitted from a list of former Perry cab drivers.

Carl was indeed a taxi driver here in an earlier time, and we apologize for not including him in the time that list was published. His home base was at Foster's Corner Drug. He was a good man, a very competent cab driver, and he should have been included earlier. Also, we send our best wishes to Patsy and Carroll and to Glenna and Marshall Davis.