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October 1, 2005

I have just about had it with those sales and marketing people who call our number about the time we sit down for a meal, or prepare for bed, or otherwise do not care for a telephone call. I'm not talking about those men and women with legitimate surveys to be answered, or otherwise have a real reason to be calling. But those tape recorded hucksters who usually begin by saying they are calling to tell me that my account is OK, no problem there, but to let me know that we can increase our use of their credit card.

It matters not to them that we do not use their card, and they do not even have the courtesy to use a tape that allows us to respond. So, I usually just hang up on them, knowing full well that someone else will call with the same pitch the next day. Maybe if I could just breathe a bit of fire they would understand better. For now, the best I can do is a gnashing of teeth and a bit of rude language, which so far has not discouraged them.

The PHS Alumni Association dinner last week was a smashing success, any way you look at it. All but one of the living, original inductees were here for the charter meeting and each one seemed genuinely honored to be chosen. More of them will be added each year, and the Scholarship Fund will benefit accordingly. That should be a story by itself, but you need to know that many Perry students have been truly blessed by receiving financial aid from this worthy group. The annual dinner would be an excellent format for a yearly meeting of all graduates and others who attended Perry schools in their younger days. The handsome new Christian church Fellowship Hall is a fine place to have these things. And those church ladies know how to cook and serve it up.

The entire Cherokee Strip celebration was one of the best ever, with colorful floats in the parade and great individual participation. Let's do some more of these. Congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce workers who put this year's celebration together.