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November 12, 2005

See where the NBC-TV network will try to revive its sagging audience with a new make of the old high seas story, The Poseidon Adventure, later this month. Makes me think of the original theater film of that epic story. That was several years ago, in 1972, and LB and I were kind of newlyweds, and it was our 15th anniversary month, so we planned a trip to a Mexican restaurant in Stillwater (there weren't many choices back then) and a night at the Leachman Theater on Main Street, where, the Poseidon story would be playing.

Bad idea. It was not a good story for an anniversary observance, but we did not know any better. The film made us, literally, seasick, and we had to head for home before the end of the movie. Ever since then, we have avoided any of the revival attempts on the movie, but it keeps popping up. Now the entertainment industry is offering us a remake? Forget it, friends. We have just returned from a cruise ship in the Caribbean, and that took all the resources we could muster just to stay alive. I think I can bear a look at the new movie version, barely, but I don't believe my mate is at that point yet. We won't be watching it together, anyway. I'll be in one room and she will be watching something else in another room. Both of us may be seasick, but that remains to be seen.

If you've seen the old film, you know that the ship goes bottom-up, so the ceiling becomes the floor and vice versa, and it is very difficult for them to figure out an escape route. Watch it at your own risk. That's all the advice I have to offer. Keep the spit bags handy, though.