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November 16, 2005

Idle thoughts while wondering why some Perry folks needlessly burn gasoline, time and money to help them observe the wonders of Mother Nature at this time of year when all they really need to do is head toward the northwest corner of town and look at the beautiful trees in Myrna Moore's yard. There you will find some of the loveliest creations to be found anywhere when the leaves are turning toward a scarlet hue as we prepare for another autumn. Myrna and her husband, Larry, deny any special help in the process, but they have some of the most breathtaking shrubbery to be found anywhere.

Personally, we just live across the street from the Moores so all we have to do is look toward their house and rub our eyes in disbelief. What nice neighbors they are!

Here's something I should have mentioned earlier. Mrs. Evelyn Spillman recently showed me a book she is donating to Carnegie Library, believing it will be of interest to folks hereabouts. The title is The Generous Years, and the author is Chet Huntley, the late, former co-anchor of the evening NBC-TV news. When he retired, Mr. Huntley returned to the Big Sky of Montana, where he grew up and learned many of the mannerisms that endeared him to TV watchers all over this country. Mrs. S. found the book interesting. If you check it out, you also may enjoy the format. It's a short book, only 115 pages. Look it over sometime.

Other than an occasional leaf blowing across the lawn, or some damp, cold temperature reading once in a while, we cannot complain about the weather this fall. Was it global warming or something else? We don't pretend to know or understand, but is has been a very pleasant fall. Hope you agree.