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November 19, 2005

The other day, our mail included a business-size envelope bearing a return address for "Robert J. Wicker of Minden, NV." At the time, the name meant nothing to me but as I read on, it became clear that he was making a pitch for contributions to the Stars and Stripes Museum and Memorial Library in Bloomfield, Missouri. Bob is president of the S&S Memorial Library/Museum Association.

You may have heard about this in previous columns, but if you are like me you put it on a back burner until another time. Frankly, I had almost forgotten about it, although that dear old newspaper means a very great deal to me. I learned more about the newspaper craft there than I did anywhere else. To some, that may not be much, but it means a lot to me. I truly owe more to Stars and Stripes than I can ever repay.

The point is, the museum and library association are in need of contributions. Anyone can give. Grants and the like are acceptable but they have a limited use. However, day to day operations rely entirely on gifts from folks like the rest of us. Bob is asking for an increase in that area. If you were in military service in World War II or later, you can give. Just send your offering to the Stars and Stripes Memorial Library/Museum Association, P.O. Box 1861, Bloomfield, MO 63825.

In case you are wondering, the newspaper was first published in Bloomfield during the Civil War, and it has reappeared ever since in war theaters where the U.S. has been involved. It is still published for U.S. servicemen and women everywhere. Give what you can. And you may be hearing more about this from time to time, so be prepared.