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November 23, 2005

For some time now, you have been seeing and hearing about the newly established Perry High School Alumni Association's "Honor Roll." It is brand new, something just established by the association to honor some of the many worthy graduates, former students and former teachers in Perry schools.

With candidates from more than a century to consider, including several who are deceased, the selection committee had a daunting task when they began the process of choosing those to be honored this inaugural year. It could not have been easy, and from all appearances they did a good job. More names will be added to the roll as their identities and accomplishments become known. Some schools might find it difficult to find 12 honorees, but that is not the case here. We have had many gifted, accomplished men and women as students at PHS, and many of them have gone on to still greater heights, that the difficult part has been in narrowing the list to compile a roster for starters.

But this is Perry, and our high school has seen many scholars or worthy candidates for an honor such as this. The selection committee will have a different composition each year and Association members will have access to them to offer suggestions and nominations. That's important. They will want to hear from you, so be prepared when the opportunity presents itself.

Were you fortunate enough to know most, if not all, of the present nominees? I'm happy to say that I knew them and agree with their selections. We have been truly blessed to have produced such a crop, whatever the circumstances may have been. I also can think of some others that I know will be honored in due time.

So watch for the announcement of the next crop, and mark your calendar with the date. The first crop were announced in time for the Cherokee Strip celebration last September, and they are truly worthy. They cover virtually every field of endeavor-education, medicine, business, music and the other arts, including journalism, and on and on. They will make you proud.