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November 30, 2005

The other day, when all the conditions were just right, LB and I took advantage of an invitation to tour the new Oklahoma Historical Museum, just a good stone's throw away from the newly crowned State Capitol in Oklahoma City when Henry Bellmon was governor and his late wife, Shirley, was our First Lady. We had previously attended the dedication service, honoring Henry and Shirley and promoting the project. Thereby they assured a general interest in the new museum. It is breathtaking in its beauty, a new treasure for our state to cherish. Go see it, please.

The Museum honors several state people for supporting the project, including The Charles Machine Works, Inc., based in Perry and credited with a major role in creating this new and wonderful tribute to memorabilia. One question, though. A placard in the display to a DWP model Ditch Witch Trencher says the information about it came from "Paul Malzahn." I do not know anyone by that name. Otherwise, Historical Society Executive Director Dr. Bob Blackburn and his staff did an excellent job in getting this great project ready for the rest of us to enjoy. Thanks to all of them for their interest and their dedication to the backdrop of history that makes this state truly something special.

While we were in the Big City, LB and I used our season tickets to the Oklahoma City Philharmonics Pops series and heard a wonderful program on popular music by the Philharmonic Orchestra. The last half of the program was presented by Kenny Loggins and it was intended for a much younger audience. It did not thrill me, although people around us applauded, shouted and clapped their hands for joy throughout Mr. Loggins' performance. I am just too old for that, I guess. Sorry, but it did not move me.