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December 14, 2005

We spent a few hours during recent weeks putting together a program tentatively entitled "A Conversation With...", planning the content and going over some of the questions to be asked. As you might guess, this is a trial balloon, to see if the public is at all interested, and as it happens, your faithful correspondent here will be the first subject to undergo scrutiny. Gary Lawson, a longtime friend from the Ditch Witch® and Stagecoach Community Theatre days, was the inquisitor, and LB was included to help round out some of the stories. The subject matter was my time with the military newspaper, The Stars & Stripes, during World War II. It was an interesting period, if I do say so, and I was most willing to be a participant.

The completed version eventually will be shown on our own cable network, P.I.N. channel 19, at a time to be announced. The cameraman was Jack Roads, filling in temporarily (he insists) for Mickey Brown, who has resigned after getting the information network up and rolling. Jack's wife, Darlene, another long-time buddy, was sort of producer and production assistant. We all had a good time, setting this new show up and trying to guess at just what would be the most interest to viewers. I have not seen the final cut, but from what I've heard it should be of interest. Stay tuned for more details.

One of the principal reasons I took part in the initial taping was to tell a little bit about the edition I worked on, the Pacific Ocean edition, published during World War II in Honolulu and distributed throughout the Pacific Ocean area. The newspaper was created in Bloomfield, Missouri, during the U. S. Civil War, and a museum/ library has been established there to tell the story of this war-time creation. Money is needed to keep the founding organization's work going forward. You can send contributions to The Stars and Stripes Military Association, Inc. at Bloomfield Missouri. That is where the newspaper was created on November 9, 1861. And watch for our upcoming P.I.N. program.