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December 24, 2005

Our friends over at the American Heritage, that fine magazine dealing mostly in U. S. history, have produced their annual collection of "the most overrated" things and "the most underrated," which always gives us a springboard for agreeing or disagreeing. This year, I thought, it might be fun to list some personal preferences or disagreements.

So, here's a partial compendium of how we think their choices stacked up against our own. You don't have to join our chorus, but maybe you would like to enter your own preferences. Feel free to be in harmony or opposition to what the magazine says, or what we hold to be true. Our column cannot argue with all their choices. They have more space than we do. Nevertheless, here we go, such as it is.

"Most overrated Celebrity Trial." They give the nod to the Charles Sccope "monkey trial" in the 1920s. I say, the title belongs to the Michael Jackson trial last summer.

In another category, which translates in English to "best movie," they selected Orson Welles' portrayal of a fictional media giant, name of Citizen Kane, while I personally felt "Gone With the Wind" was superior. If you want to carry it out a little more, I would rank "Best Years of Our Lives," No. 2; and a passel of others waiting for their choice. There were a lot of good ones in the late 1930s, including the Andy Hardy series and others.

As I said, there were many good ones to choose from and I'd like to do more of this, but space makes that impossible so I will leave you with this sampling of possibilities. The writers on that magazine differ from mine in many of their choices. How about yours?