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January 14, 2006

Did I miss something, or what? Just a few days after the voters of Perry chose not to pursue the I-35 Expo Center proposal. We were confronted with a slick and expensive insert in the daily press inviting local folks to Enid where the official show of the Enid "Agrifest 2006" was scheduled to be held over a two-day period in the Chisholm Trail Expo Center in Enid. Did those people support our Expo Center proposal? Are you kidding? If we had voted to build an Expo Center, as Enid, Stillwater and others have voted to do, there probably would not be an "Agrifest 2006," whatever that is. We seem unable to learn how to lead, or even follow, when a good deal is offered.

Today's column is a collection of unrelated ideas. There is no particular theme to tie them together. Maybe they will promote a thought from you or someone else.

Stagecoach Community Theater needs our help. That is the group that has provided this community with funny and serious stage plays since 1975. Remember "Oklahoma!”, “Carousel," and many others? Stagecoach now operates out of what is arguably the nicest hometown theater in Oklahoma, but the handful of performers and crafts people who make those plays possible are growing weary. They desperately need and deserve our help.

When the next play is announced, let the Stagecoach people know that you are ready and willing to step in if needed, and you will find it rewarding. We have lost too many artistic endeavors here. Let us not allow this one to slip through our fingers. Who knows, you may get hooked on them. Hopefully, we will not lose another artistic organizing event.