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January 18, 2006

Back there in December, when Christmas was mostly a gift day for children, I was prevailed upon to compose my own Christmas list.

I had heard a lot about the Ipod, the marvelous little recording and playback device aimed mostly at young folks. My own preference for music peaked in the 1940's, during the Big Band era, but I listed that player as one of my choices for a gift. Then what do you know, I got one for Christmas, even though I had no idea how to use it, or even to right it up for recording and listening. My granddaughters came to the rescue. They recorded a bunch of CD's for me and showed me how to play them back. Everything I had heard was true. The sound was great, no other way to describe it, and I am enjoying the music as if it were brand new again. I can record up to 240 songs (with a lot of help), the quality is excellent. If you are deliberating a purchase, wait no longer. Order one and take advantage of the quality. You may be surprised.

Otherwise, last Christmas was a lot of fun. We saw some relatives who had not touched base recently, and it helped to catch us up on details of life in other lanes. Our family from Kansas City also were there, and that was a rare treat. They have moved to a new home and our one and only grandson is preparing for college after this school year. His sister, our granddaughter, is younger but she also has an Ipod. Our two granddaughters here in Perry are growing up too fast, but we enjoy it, even if they do not like Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and some of the other big names in music. Mr. Rotter and his Great Big Band may be encouraging them.

Speaking of that, do you remember when Frank Boggs retired as managing editor of the Daily Oklahoman? He also had been sports editor of the paper for a time, and I recall when Frank came to Perry to cover a boxing match featuring Danny Hodge versus another Golden Gloves boxer. It was not a pretty sight. Anyway, Frank put together a little book consisting of essays from his column, and he called it "The Pretty Good of Frank Boggs." Not the Best of.... "because he felt the best was yet to come." I think of that whenever someone mentions the Great Big Band. Those musicians are good, and their best may be yet to come.