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January 21, 2006

The other day I offered readers an old photo of the Perry City Council, believed to have been made about 70 years ago, with a note that no one seemed to know any of the names. The Councilmen were seated around an old rectangular table in their old meeting place, at the rear of the Water & Light office on the ground floor of the aldermen's meeting place at the rear of the three-story Masonic building, just across the alley from the PDJ office.

No one seemed to know any of the names, except for a few who identified one of the city rulers as Chester Swart, a produce man who had a business building in downtown Perry. He was a brother of Ed and Ted Swart, who had a service station where the Noble County Family YMCA is now located. A.J. Bontrager, now of Oklahoma City, who had a pharmacy on the south side of the square and later in the Masonic building, helped with the identities but we were about to give up on names of the other councilmen. Then came Kenny Carmack. With help from his friends, he had most of the names. Here they are, in case you want to clip them out.

Seated around the table, from left to right: E.H. Adams, Guy Folger, H.R Walker, (all city councilmen), Bob Wilson (city clerk), Mayor Fred Kretsch, City Attorney Kenneth Reed, City Councilman, Floyd Laird, Councilman John Ames, and Councilman Harry DeLashmutt and Chester Swart.

There have been some false starts on this list of identifications, but I believe we have all of the names correct now and our thanks goes out to all who helped with this chore.