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February 4, 2006

There were many more PHS friends

One thing about being a student at Perry High School if you attended school there, everyone was your friend. At least, that was true if you were a senior at PHS in 1941. That's when and where I was, and I had a lot of good buddies. Our class may have been distinctive for that reason, but we like to think that the whole school was like that. We truly cared for each other then, and we do now. So, to identify some particular "good friends" may have been a good idea, but that is not to say that others were excluded. We all liked everyone else, and we still do. Not many of us are left, that's true, but the survivors know that we can call on any of the others when help, even just a helping hand, is needed, it will be forthcoming.

In recent columns I have called out the names of a handful of my best buddies from that period long ago, but you must understand that there are others. The first ones identified were three men, all now deceased, but I would not hesitate to request a word of cheer or a smile from the female gender. Like Phyllis Schurkens Wurtz, a classmate from that misty past. Or Margie Jean Gafford of Oklahoma City, Philamene Lindeman Hardin of Houston, or Marvin Dauman. Some of these are no longer with us, but I consider all of them buddies. Jack Bechtold, Lee Davis Auer, Margaret Plummer Black, Bonita Trumbla, Bill Wurtz, Peggy Dixon Harris, Cathleen Wright Foster, Neils Anderson, Clem Yockey, Charlie Bair, Bob Beck, Virginia Magee Clark, Dorothy and George Dolezal, or any of many more whose names escape me momentarily.

There are many more all of those on our class roster, actually, and if you are a graduate of that illustrious palace of education, you know what I mean. Also, it is comforting to know that we all have family and friends who stand ready to lend a hand when requested. None of us deserves the measure of devotion that others have for us, and perhaps this season only makes us more aware of that.