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March 1, 2006

John Klein is the son of the former Perry mayor, George Klein. John now heads up the highly regarded sports department of the Tulsa World, and he invited questions at the end of his informal remarks before the Perry Rotary club the other day. Some of them were very interesting, to say the least.

Asked if he thought Oklahoma City would be able to keep the New Orleans NBA basketball team after this season, he promptly replied in the affirmative, adding that Tulsa was planning on getting an NHL team. Both would be very attractive packages for potential ticket buyers.

John made some other off the cuff remarks, including speculation about the future of OSU's basketball coach, Eddie Sutton, and all will bear repeating. Ask a Rotarian what John had to say about the football future (next season) of OU and OSU. Former PHS classmate Dwight Hamann introduced John with some entertaining comments.

For one thing, he believes the absence of the rivalry has a lot to do with the low ratings of the Winter Olympic games last week. I take that to mean the missing ingredient was international interest in the games. The Olympics may be heading for the world's junk yard, again. Too bad. They have such noble aims and achievable goals. What do you think?