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April 1, 2006

Perry is the place to be on Saturday, April 29. That's the word from our own Cherokee Strip Museum site attendant, Kaye Bond. Her message, and other valuable information, is contained in a news release in the current issue of Mistletoe Leaves, the always-interesting summary of major events pertaining to the historic interest in this unique little corner of the universe.

The Cherokee Strip Museum's annual Rural Heritage Festival will take place on that amazing day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the museum grounds on the west side of Perry. It is fast becoming almost a signature mark to identify Perry's birth at the opening of the so-called Cherokee Strip on September 16, 1893. No other town, except Perry, can boast of celebrating that event without interruption since that Saturday years ago. Far as I know, there are no true pioneers of the run still living, but we can continue to remember their heroism by celebrating the opening of the Strip that day, which predates the official date of Perry's statehood by quite a bit. Statehood, by the way, did not occur in Oklahoma until 1907. We will be hearing much more about that event shortly. Check Mistletoe Leaves for more about the celebration next September. That is one event that Perry has not forgotten.

You will be seeing and hearing more about this as time goes by. Please stay tuned.